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What is the link to Alcohol and Cancer?

We see conflicting stories in the news all the time about diet and health.  Warnings are broadcasted on the harmful effects of foods we eat everyday, only to be reported as beneficial the following week. The topic of wine and alcohol are no exception. There are hundreds of reports that state a glass of wine [...]

Preparing For the Best Results

If you have scheduled your thermal imaging scan, here are a few tips on how to get the best results: Avoid massages, chiropractic adjustments, saunas, steam rooms and exercise for 24 hours before your scan. For 2 hours prior to your scan - avoid exercise, hot or cold showering, tobacco use, coffee and tea consumption. [...]

What Chronic Inflammation is Doing to Your Health

Inflammation, we all experience from time to time.  Sports injuries, pregnancy, even tripping in the house while cleaning can lead to inflammation. describes inflammation and chronic inflammation in their article "What You Don't Realize Inflammation Is Doing to Your Body": "The painful swelling is the body’s acute inflammatory response, when additional white blood cells, [...]

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